The Gwaltney Gobbler: Turkey BLT

Need a little double-decker inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Make lunchtime double the fun with these delicious decked-out club sandwiches.

Prep Time

10 minutes




  • 3 slices of toasted bread of your choice
  • mayonnaise
  • fresh sliced tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • sliced turkey
  • slices of crispy Gwaltney Bacon


  1. Spread the mayonnaise on a piece of toasted bread and top with lettuce, tomato, turkey and Gwaltney Bacon.
  2. Top the layer with another slice of toast with mayonnaise and repeat Step 1.
  3. Close the sandwich with another mayonnaise-slathered slice of toast.
  4. Place toothpicks in 4 corners of sandwich to hold together.
  5. Slice the sandwich in half or diagonal quarters and serve.