DIY Kid's Hot Dog Stand

Get your hot dogs! Open your own Gwaltney Hot Dog Stand. We’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

Get your stand set up.

Print out PDFs of the signs below. Use the pre-printed template (first three) and write your price in, or use the templates (last three) for more customization.

Sign 1a

Sign 1b

Sign 1c

Sign 2a

Sign 2b

Sign 2c

Get your hot dogs ready for sale.

Assemble your toppings. The classic mustard and ketchup are just the start. Get creative with salsa, honey mustard, jalapeños and other condiments.


Basic & Bold Stand

Basic & Bold: Make a stand using a card table and tablecloth.

Top Dog Stand

Top dog: Cut a window in a cardboard box. Paint and add custom signs.

Stray Dog Stand

Stray Dog Stand: Find an old dresser or table. Paint or cover with tablecloth.

Blue Ribbon Build

Blue Ribbon Build: Create your own stand that can be used over and over again.


Hot dogs in crock pot

Stack cooked hot dogs vertically in a slow cooker to keep them warm and ready to go. An average 6-quart crock can hold 60 hot dogs.

Hot dogs in buns/on tray

Place cooked hot dogs in buns and place in a steam tray. Cover with foil to seal in the juicy goodness.

Hot dogs wrapped in foil packets

Wrap hot dogs in buns in individual foil packets. Place them in a cooler (no ice) to keep them warm.